​​Key Accomplishments

Your financial watchdog at City Hall.

In his first term, City Controller Chris Brown has led on the city's most significant financial challenges. Through this work, Controller Brown has helped create a leaner, more efficient government for city taxpayers. As Controller, Chris:

  • Led efforts to reform Houston’s pension systems, helping cut a ballooning $8.2 billion liability to just over $4 billion due to the implementation of the ‘Houston Pension Solution’. The reforms led to a credit outlook upgrade for the City of Houston.
  • Has saved Houston taxpayers more than $500 million by refinancing existing city debt.
  • Through his office's audit function, has generated more than $10 million in savings and efficiencies.
    • Controller’s Office audits have also identified numerous instances of waste and have made recommendations that have helped create a more effective, efficient city government.
  • ​Controller Brown has been the lead advocate on the need to address Houston’s structurally imbalanced budget.
  • 'Sounded the alarm'on the need to address the city’s $2.4 billion Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) liability.
  • Fought to lower Houstonians' tax burden following Hurricane Harvey.
  • Encouraged the administration to rebid agreements at the Houston Airport System due to potential procurement violations, netting a total savings of $300 million on the project.
  • Through his office, stood up the Harvey Recovery Oversight Committee (HROC).
    • Comprised of leaders in the public and private sectors, HROC is tasked with providing an additional level of oversight over procurement, contracting, and spending related to the ongoing recovery.
  • Was appointed Chairman of the National League of Cities’ Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) committee.
    • This committee is tasked with advocating on behalf of cities on policies that will positively affect their financial futures.
Chris Brown For Houston